Boosting Immune System Testimonials

Testimonials User PhotoMr. E J, Aged 34

I had chronic sinusitis for many years, and I had to take antibiotics for that. My problem always recurred in the cold season, and it was never completely resolved until I started treatment with Dr. Nasirzadeh. My program included a number of supplements and recommendations that after a few weeks not only completely cured my sinusitis but also increased my energy level. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Dr. Nasirzadeh

Testimonials User PhotoMr. T B, Aged 47

Every winter, I caught a cold or flu. I was hesitant to use the flu vaccine because of some articles I had read about the side effects of the vaccines. I got a program from Dr. Nasirzadeh to strengthen my immune system, and I still keep doing it. In the last two years, I haven't even caught a cold for a single time or needed to rest at home.

Testimonials User PhotoMs. Sh B, Aged 25

I had fatigue and depression, and no matter how much I slept, this fatigue would not go away, and I always felt burnt out during the day. After a few weeks of treatment with Dr. Nasirzadeh, my energy level has improved, and I have become an active and happy person. His diagnosis was Adrenal Fatigue. I am very grateful to him for bringing me back to normal life.

Testimonials User PhotoMs. A H, Aged 34

I had a weak immune system. I was constantly suffering from gastrointestinal infection and used antibiotics frequently. In my blood tests that Dr. Nasirzadeh asked me to do, there were high levels of copper and iron and deficiency of zinc, vitamin D and B12 shown. With the program, my problems were completely cured.

Testimonials User PhotoMr. G E, Aged 40

I had hypothyroidism and was taking Levothyroxine for three years, but I still had problems with weight gain, fatigue, and hair loss. Dr. Nasirzadeh suggested that I replace natural supplements such as kelp and a few others with Levothyroxine. After six months without using Levothyroxine, my thyroid hormones returned to normal, and my problems were gone. I am currently continuing treatment with dear Dr. Nasirzadeh.

Testimonials User PhotoMr. E L, Aged 39

My white blood cell count (WBC) was higher than usual, and the skin of my face, hands, and feets had inflammation and felt itchy. Doctors suspected autoimmune disease. After I met Dr. Nasirzadeh and did the blood tests he requested, he diagnosed me with high levels of cortisol hormone and some metabolic imbalances, which led to stress and inflammation. With the supplements I was recommended, my white blood cell count and cortisol level returned to normal, my skin became much less inflamed, and another interesting thing was that my sleep was also regulated, and I was no longer a sleep-deprived person who could hardly fall asleep. Thank you for your correct diagnosis and treatment, Dr. Nasirzadeh.

Testimonials User PhotoMr. T L, Aged 7

My 7-year-old son had anorexia and was constantly sick and had to rest at home. I met Dr. Nasirzadeh via the Internet and sent him the results of my son's blood tests to begin treatment. The supplements he advised were very likable for children because they were in the form of gummies and syrups and were tasty. Now, my son is full of energy and healthy in every way. Thank you, dear Dr. Nasirzadeh.

Testimonials User PhotoMr. B K, Age 50

One of my friends, who was Dr. Nasirzadeh's patient, introduced me to him. I had severe intestinal inflammation, and the medications I was taking no longer worked, which caused me lots of suffering after every meal.
Dr. Nasirzadeh's diagnosis was iron and copper overloads, also some vitamin and mineral deficiencies with antioxidant properties that cause inflammation and digestive problems. On his advice, I did a bloodletting to reduce my body's iron storage and I was recommended some supplements that I’ve been using for a few months now. I can say that my body is fully regulated, the inflammation is gone, and my energy level has increased. Now I can enjoy eating everything.

Testimonials User PhotoMs. R Y, Aged 32

I got mild Covid-19 and isolated myself at home. I felt very tired, and my body ached, so I took an online program from Dr. Nasirzadeh to boost my immune system. After three days, I feel better, and the dizziness and other symptoms have decreased. I also took two separate programs for my parents to strengthen their immune system too.