Hair loss treatment program


No matter where in the world you are, you can start treatment with us without having to come to us in person. You just have to take a few steps:

Step 1: Go to a blood laboratory and run these blood tests: CBC, Ferritin, TIBC, Vitamin D(25 OH), T3, T4, TSH

Step 2: Cutoff your hair sample according to the instructions below the page. Put it in an envelope, write your name, age, email and date of sampling on the envelope and mail it to one of our representatives in Asia, Europe, the U.S. or the Middle East.

Step 3: Pay the treatment charges(195$) online:

If you cannot pay via PayPal, you could pay the hair analysis and treatment program fee by bank transfer. To see our bank account information, please click HERE.

Step 4: Fill out the Treatment Form and send it with the scan of the blood test report to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

After receiving your hair samples, it takes 4 weeks for your analysis result and your treatment plan to become prepared.

Hair tissue mineral analysis result, its interpretation and the treatment program are sent to you by email. Also you can seek free consultation by phone or by email. We aim to reach the desired result and make you fully satisfied.

How to Cut a Hair Sample

We need about a tablespoon of hair. A little less will do if you do not have a lot of hair to give. The hair on the back of the head often grows fastest and is easiest to sample.


Hair preparation: Make sure your hair has been washed, preferably with a mild soap or with shampoo, within 48 hours. Using a conditioner or rinse is okay, but it would be best to just use soap or a very mild shampoo for the best results. Do not place other products on the hair just before cutting the hair sample such as hair cream, hair spray or others.

Tints, dyes, color rinses (such as henna) and highlighting: These can be on your hair when you cut a sample for analysis, we are aware that some laboratories do not allow these products or hair treatments when taking a sample for a hair analysis.

However, we find that they usually no not affect the test enough to force you to wait for weeks to send in your sample. In fact, most tints, dyes and rinses do not contain many minerals so they will not affect the test at all. The more natural the hair, however, the greater the accuracy.

Bleaches and Permanents: After a bleach or permanent, especially a beauty parlor permanent, wash your hair four or five times before sending in a sample as these affect the hair structure and may have more effect on the test results.

Hair Cutting Procedure: Cut several small snips of hair as close as possible to the scalp. You may cut the samples from along the sides, top or back of the head. Place the samples on a clean table with the cut end facing you. Now cut off any long ends of hair that are over 1 inch (or about 2 centimeters) long. The long ends of hair are older and are not as good for sampling. The new hair, near the scalp, is much better.

You will have enough hair when the 1-inch cut samples will fill an ordinary tablespoon. Combine these and place in a clean, paper envelope although a plastic bag will do. Write your name, age, email and date of sampling on the envelope.


Kamran, Aged 29

After 5 Months


Hair loss was accepted as a given in my family. But through studying, I realized that this problem could be resolved to some extent. Later on, I got to know the Hair Awakening Center on the internet and within only 5 months of treatment, I got a good result. My family fancied the idea so much that my brother is now receiving hair loss treatment from this clinic.


Vahid L, Aged 44

After 6 Months


It was about a year that I kept buying various anti-hair loss solutions or hair growth tonics from the drugstore round the corner of my workplace. I paid through my nose for some of them and each time the drugstore salesman suggested something newer and way more expensive. But they were of no use. I was gradually getting convinced that there is no escape from baldness when I happened to find Dr Nasirzadeh on the internet. I began treatment under the supervision of his clinic. Now it's been only 6 months since I started treatment, but I feel much younger with lots of my hair grown back in place.