Enhance Your Health & Beauty, Naturally!
Enhance Your Health & Beauty, Naturally!

We Diagnose the Root Causes of Hair Loss, Skin Problems and Metabolic Imbalances by BLOOD TESTS and Set the Right Treatment Program Based on Supplements and Natural Products. No Drugs!

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About us

Dr. Danial Nasirzadeh is a dietician, beauty therapist and trichologist. He is a member of the Analytical Research Labs (ARL) in the United States (Membership No.: 85123) with years of experience and expertise in skin conditions, hair loss treatment, and the treatment of disorders related to nutrition, glands and body metabolism.

We aim at finding the root causes of conditions along with improving the body's general health. We believe that beauty should be along with health, and for this purpose, our therapeutic technics are based on regulating body metabolism with supplements and natural products.

Our treatment coverage is worldwide, and you can start your therapy with us no matter from which country you are.

Dr. Danial Nasirzadeh