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Today, hair loss has turned into a headache for a lot of people and the age of hair loss has diminished compared to that of the previous generation, with many young people suffering from it. It is common knowledge that hair gives a considerable contribution to one's facial beauty and many people who lose their hair in the youth face a decline in their self-confidence and, at times, face depression.

To our experience of treating thousands of people who used to suffer from hair loss, if an accurate well-advised treatment is given when time is ripe, most hair losers will regain their hair.

The important points to know about hair loss and its treatment include:

1. Whenever a wisp of hair falls, its root stays alive and active for a while, but in time, it weakens, and it finally dies. On the other hand, as time rolls on, fat and other materials block the follicles and make it difficult for the hair to grow back again.

If a hair loss sufferer is given an early treatment and he or she starts hair restoration within the first years of the hair loss, curing hair loss and effective restoration could be achieved very quickly and easily, but as time goes by, and a long time is elapsed after the start of the hair loss, more time will be required to reach a desired result. So the first point is: help your hair as soon as possible and don't waste time.

2. It is highly recommended that the right diagnosis be made for your hair loss and proper treatment is advised under the supervision of a licensed specialist. It is not advised to self-administer different anti-hair loss products and tonics, which are constantly advertised on the internet and on TV channels.

You can rarely reach a desired effect if you use such products; besides, your time and money is unreasonably wasted away. The reason is that hair loss in different individuals can have complex and different causes. The claim that a certain solution or product can eradicate all causes of hair loss in all individuals is a 100% unscientific statement, which purely serves advertisement purposes.

For example, both iron deficiency and iron overload in human body lead to hair loss. Iron deficiency causes anemia and anemia, in turn, leads to hair loss. On the other hand, iron overload causes the disorder of thyroid gland and also results in an increase in the production of free radicals and a decrease or deficiency of vitamins and minerals that have antioxidant effects, such as Vitamin C, E, selenium, etc. This ultimately results in hair loss. Now imagine a supplement containing some quantities of iron is generally prescribed for hair loss. Those whose cause of hair loss is iron deficiency will find this prescription rather effective; however, for those who suffer from an overload of this mineral, this prescription will increase their hair loss and may even trigger off some other problems.

So we seriously recommend you not to use any anti hair loss product or hair tonic without seeking professional advice from a doctor. Remember that the first and most important part in treating hair loss is diagnosing the cause. (ALOPECIA)

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Vahid L, Aged 44

After 6 Months


It was about a year that I kept buying various anti-hair loss solutions or hair growth tonics from the drugstore round the corner of my workplace. I paid through my nose for some of them and each time the drugstore salesman suggested something newer and way more expensive. But they were of no use. I was gradually getting convinced that there is no escape from baldness when I happened to find Dr Nasirzadeh on the internet. I began treatment under the supervision of his clinic. Now it's been only 6 months since I started treatment, but I feel much younger with lots of my hair grown back in place.