About us


Dr. Danial Nasirzadeh is a dietician, nutrition therapist and trichologist. He is a member of the Analytical Research Labs (ARL) in the United States (Membership No.: 85123) with years of experience and expertise in hair loss treatment and the treatment of conditions related to nutrition, glands and body metabolism.

We aim at finding root causes and then treating hair loss along with improving body's general health. We believe that beauty should be along health and for this purpose our therapeutic technics are based on regulating body metabolism and returning to body the natural hair growth cycle by using natural products. We rarely use chemical drugs in our treatment, mainly because chemical drugs usually have side effects and they need to be used for life, and by stopping them, the hair regrowth stops and hair loss resumes.

Our treatment coverage is worldwide and you can start your therapy with us no matter from which country you are.




Vahid L, Aged 44

After 6 Months


It was about a year that I kept buying various anti-hair loss solutions or hair growth tonics from the drugstore round the corner of my workplace. I paid through my nose for some of them and each time the drugstore salesman suggested something newer and way more expensive. But they were of no use. I was gradually getting convinced that there is no escape from baldness when I happened to find Dr Nasirzadeh on the internet. I began treatment under the supervision of his clinic. Now it's been only 6 months since I started treatment, but I feel much younger with lots of my hair grown back in place.


Max A, Aged 33

After 6 Months


One day I was at the barber's to trim round my head. My barber said he had a client who had found a hair repair center and had found the treatment greatly rewarding. "They're all useless. Been there, done that," said I in reply. "But this client of mine, his hair is all back," said the barber with certitude. I got the address unwillingly and a bit later went to the center. Now I've been living up to the center's instructions and the result has been satisfying so far.